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Traveling through Newfoundland part 1.

I had decided to take a trip with the sole purpose being expanding my photography skills. I am naturally drawn to remote and seldom traveled places. I also have an affinity for cold weather so I began to narrow my search to the northern hemisphere. Greenland and Iceland were my first choices but I didn't want to wait the time required to properly plan and finance these endeavors (stay tuned its coming soon). As I searched the North Atlantic area I kept returning to Newfoundland. I knew nothing about Newfoundland, but the more I began to research the more convinced I became it was the perfect destination for me.

I planned to fly into St. Johns and travel all the way north to Twillingate, I would then follow the east coast all the way back to the capital, photographing as much of the local landscape as possible. I could not have imagined the scope of this beautiful country until I became immersed in it.

Day 1: After arriving in St. Johns I immediately realized why I had read so much about the weather here. It was so foggy that I never saw the airport. I hit the ground running because I had a lot of distance to cover, and only a few days to do it. Signal Hill was first on my list to see in the capital and it did not disappoint.

From high on this overlook you can see stunning views of the Atlantic, dotted with icebergs, and the city of St. Johns. Being this high, and in the North Atlantic, the winds are something I was not prepared for. I cant even describe the frigid ferocity of the shooting conditions up here. My next stop was going to be the easternmost point in North America, Cape Spear. I had seen so many beautiful images from the lighthouse and surrounding area that I immediately set out for it. The weather conditions had not improved however and to my disappointment a heavy cover of fog had enveloped the entire cape. I made some decent shots but this was an area I would return to.

Day 2: I rose early to begin the long 444km drive to Twillingate. I had read so much about the giant icebergs that drifted through here from Greenland, and capturing images of these was high on my priority list. The weather had not improved, there was a thick fog that seemed to saturate every part of island. After researching the weather conditions and speaking to some locals I learned that the north, Twillingate especially, was enclosed by the biggest sea-ice pack of the last 50 years. Realizing that I was not likely to see many icebergs, and especially not go out to them, I made the decision to forego it and instead head straight to Fogo island. Fogo island was one of the must- see destinations on my itinerary. The rugged terrain and remote setting is exactly the reason I came here.

After a 45 minute, somewhat nervous, ferry ride through ice packed water, we arrived on Fogo. Driving the road to my cabin I felt like I had traveled back in time. Fishing villages dot the countryside, seemingly frozen in time. The landscape is rough and rocky, and I imagine only the toughest of people could live here.

I had read so much about the iconic Fogo Island Inn, as well as the artist studios that dot the landscape, that I intended to seek them out first. The studios are a sight to behold. Standing out from the rocky landscape they strike a commanding pose with their modern angular design.

As the day drew to a close, I had just enough time to go out to the Inn for a little dusk shooting. The inn is an impressive building. Standing on the edge of the sea atop high stilts, it commands attention. The light was fading quickly and I rushed to capture it before dark.

My second day drew to a close, exhausted I turned in excited to see what else Newfoundland had in store.

to be continued...

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