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Fall break at the beach.

I am not a fan of the beach, there I said it. Most people love nothing more than to lounge in the sun all day, cooking themselves to a crisp. This is the opposite of what I consider fun, mountains and cold weather are my idea of a perfect getaway. But my family all love the beach, and so I dutifully go almost every year. This year we were to arrive in Panama City beach, Florida just as hurricane Nate was to land. This would actually be the second tropical storm we had run into on a trip there, but this one was supposed to be much stronger.

As we arrived there were definitely the makings of a strong storm. The sea was angrily lashing the beach and the skies were ominous and gray. Despite the red warning flags, many people were in the water and my kids couldn't resist. There is just something about sinking your toes into the sand after a very long drive. It wasn't long before the beach patrol showed up to make everyone get out.

The following morning didnt hold much promise, gray mist eerily surrounded the beach and a chill was in the air.

Slowly the sun finally beat back the clouds and the Florida weather began to return. The best thing about storms is that when they pass they bring the most beautiful sunsets, and today was no exception.

I rose before dawn intending to get some nice sunrise images. I didn't realize however, that the sun doesn't actually rise over the gulf. But I nevertheless made due with the nice soft light available and came away with my favorite image of the trip.

On our last day I decided to take the kids on a little adventure down to St. Andrews State Park. This is my favorite place in Panama City, it has a great rock reef perfect for climbing.

We even spied a small gator hiding in the marsh.

As the sun began to sink I rushed to the old weathered pier to grab a few shots before the light faded. I love the look of this pier, with its barnacle covered post.

I have been to Panama more times than I can count. Although it seems like the same old thing the more I return, I still somehow always find something new.

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